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Dear valued customers,
Thank you for choosing “SOOPSET Internationl”.

“SOOPSET” means “Three Forests” in Korean.
At SOOPSET, we are always committed to living up to the trust you place in us.
We strive to meet your expectations with innovative solutions and excellent service.
Our goal is consistently to deliver the highest quality and value.
Continuous research and innovation to meet your demands are among our core values.
Moreover, we pursue sustainable business practices, taking responsibility for the environment and the local community
And strive to have a positive impact on future generations.

We are comprised of people with over 21 years of experience in Korean global company.
We prioritize collaboration and transparency, working towards providing better services through close communication with our customers.
Our guiding principle is “Think simply” SOOPSET always strives to simplify the complexities of trade.
Through innovation and forward-thinking, we aim to provide swift and efficient trading solutions, delivering a valuable experience to our customers and partners.
SOOPSET, continually striving for growth and progress, looks forward to your ongoing support and collaboration.
We anticipate building a better future together.